Exotic Dishes

  • Khatta Khargosh 🌶🌶🌶£12.95
    Boneless pieces of Rabbit cooked with a variety of spice tempered with whole red chillies, coriander seeds and garlic.
  • Meeta Khargosh £12.95
    Succulent pieces of Rabbit prepared with light spice, combined with the finest sweet mangoes. Served in a rich creamy sauce.
  • Lamb Sikander 🌶£12.95
    This is a very exotic Indian dish prepared with lamb marinated for 48 hours in spices, toasted in the oven and served with chick peas.
  • Batak “e” Tamarind 🌶£11.95
    Duck magret glazed with tamarind sauce
  • Batak Kempu Bezule 🌶£11.95
    Crispy Duck fried in a typical Gujrati spice batter, tossed with yoghurt, curry leaves and green chillies
  • Tenga Chicken / lamb 🌶£9.95
    Plum tomatoes mashed with garlic, coriander and lime cooked in a light spice
  • Slay the Dragon £11.95
    Pineapple flavoured honey glazed chicken cooked over charcoal in the tandoor. A mysore delicacy.
  • Sunset Simla Chicken / lamb £9.95
    A mild dish cooked with mangoes, fresh garlic, diced onions and capsicum
  • Devils Tamarind Chicken / lamb tikka 🌶£9.95
    Tender chicken or lamb marinated in a tamarind sauce cooked in the tandoor, pan fried with aromatic spices.
  • Bombay Flame Chicken / lamb 🌶🌶£9.95
    A hot curry cooked with potato in special chilli sauce known as naga chilli, served in madras or vindaloo strength.
  • Garlic “e” Gujrat 🌶🌶£11.95
    Chicken on the bone in a thick spicy curry flavoured with roasted and ground red chillies, coriander seeds, cumin and fenugreek leaves finished with garlic sauce.
  • Tiger by the River 🌶£14.95
    Succulent whole king prawns cooked in a pan with a variety of spices in a medium thick sauce, aromatic flavours, cooked in red wine.
  • Chittagong Chill 🌶£14.95
    King prawns from the bay of bengal treated with lime and turmeric, tossed in a pepper, onion and fennel masala tempered with curry and fenugreek leaves.
  • Purple Tiger 🌶🌶£14.95
    King Prawns cooked with aubergines in a wide variety of spices and fresh coriander.

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* Cooked to our Chef's own recipe
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