Flavour's Speciality

  • Chicken Mocha 🌶£9.95
    Medium to mild dish beautifully balanced with a spicy layer on the bottom and mild sweet creamy layer on top.
  • Shatkora Chicken/Lamb 🌶£9.95
    Cooked with shatkora fruit (bengal citrus fruit) and our own blend of spices.
  • Chini Mirch Chicken/Lamb Tikka 🌶£9.95
    Beautiful combination of medium and mild spices, producing the taste between bhuna and masala.
  • Tawa Chicken/lamb tikka 🌶£9.95
    Dish cooked with fresh crunchy thin slices of capsicum, onion, coriander and a hint of tandoori spices.
  • Murg Masala 🌶£9.95
    Spring chicken on the bone marinated in herbs, grilled on charcoal with spiced lamb and cooked in a delicious sauce.
  • Gosht Kata Masala 🌶£10.95
    Braised golden brown lamb in sliced onion, ginger, garlic and ground garam masala.
  • Chicken Xakuti 🌶🌶£9.95
    Chicken cooked with fresh herbs and spices in a coconut sauce.
  • Ostrich 🌶🌶£12.95
    Ostrich meat cooked with onion, chillies, coriander and capsicum in a thick sauce.
  • Lobster 🌶£19.95
    Lobster cooked with a variety of spices
  • Tatula Chicken/lamb tikka 🌶£9.95
    A medium to hot spicy dish cooked with a tangy sauce known as tatula.
  • Jeera Chicken 🌶£8.95
    Chicken cooked with cumin seeds and peppers in a special sauce with fairly hot spices to produce on aromatic flavour.
  • Golap Chicken/lamb 🌶🌶🌶£9.95
    A Special Bangladeshi dish, rich and very hot, cooked with chopped fresh green chillies, garlic and ginger
  • Moglai Chicken 🌶£8.95
    Tender pieces of spring chicken flavoured with egg, ginger, garlic & exotic masala.
  • North Indian Garlic Chilli Chicken 🌶£9.95
    Tender chicken breast cooked in spices with fresh garlic, peppers and green chillies.
  • Sea-Bass 🌶£14.95
    Special combination of light spices served on a bed of spiced chick peas & potatoes. The epitome of culinary excellence.
  • Sunset Salmon 🌶£12.95
    Succulent salmon fillet, pan fried with fresh onions, peppers & tomatoes in a rich sauce topped with an ultimate rich blend of fresh yoghurt and coriander.
  • Staff Curry 🌶🌶£11.95
    Pieces of lamb on the bone. A very authentic curry cooked with aromatic spices, herbs, onions and garlic. Slowly cooked and prepared. (Madras hot)
  • Bengal Podina 🌶🌶£9.95
    A village traditional dish cooked with stripped chicken, bay leaves, fresh garlic and ginger, selected herbs and spices, potatoes and podina (known as mint).
  • Kanfulli King Prawn 🌶£14.95
    Whole king prawn cooked with a combination of light and hot spices to bring out the aromatic flavour.
  • Saha Puri King Prawn 🌶£14.95
    King prawns cooked in a medium and creamy sauce.
  • Chana Dhaal 🌶🌶£9.95
    Chana dishes thoroughly cooked with aromatic spices, herbs, onions, garlic, tomatoes and fresh coriander. Extensively to provide a dish of medium to hot.
  • Lamb Chops Behari 🌶🌶£11.95
    Lamb chops (on the bone) cooked slowly for hours with a special combination of spices and onions served in a thick sauce

Key to Symbols

* Cooked to our Chef's own recipe
🌶 Spicy     🌶🌶 Hot     🌶🌶🌶 Very Hot
If you have any allergies please consult with our staff before placing an order.